Brand new. Brand different.

Our Ethos

  • Bringing over 20 years’ experience in marketing and property development creative, we understand that traditional approaches to branding are losing traction. That’s why we take a holistic approach to every brief so that we never produce a campaign that’s redundant, dull or too quiet to be noticed.

We’re about changing brands for the better.

  • Communicating directly with our designers and director, our clients enjoy large agency ideas with small agency transparency. We’ve been fortunate enough to amass a team of talented creatives that are easy to deal with, open to ideas and excited about collaborating with our clients. We’re about changing your brand for the better, by combining clever ideas, clear strategies and a close-knit, collaborative approach.

Our origin story

  • We first opened our doors as edwardjames in early 2005. The Pitt Street office was (very) modest – but our work ethic and creative offerings were everything but.

    In early 2019, after significant company growth, extensions and additions to our client services, edwardjames rebranded to James Agency. It represented a paradigm shift in how we work.

    James Dykes
    Founder + Managing Director

    With over 25 years in the property and creative sector, both as MD and Creative Lead, James is driven by exciting design and productive client partnerships. A prodigious talent, James had already produced property marketing tools still used today – while he was still in high school. And at 17, he was Co-Founder of the first commercial property internet portal years before and were launched.

    As the James Agency has expanded, James has enjoyed building on and forming new collaborative relationships across the retail, commercial, residential and industrial sectors.

    We don’t just solve problems. We create opportunities.